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About This Work

Hello fellow History and Genealogy enthusiasts.

Although I am not a writer or a historian by trade, (I'm actually a programmer/analyst) I really enjoy studying the history of the people and places of the area where I am from, and where my ancestors were from. I have always been interested in my family's roots. Only recently did I begin to work on my own genealogy. I found such a vast quantity of research material available that I decided to begin compiling it, and presenting it in a new way.

Some of the elements that will make up the finished work will be:

  1. A genealogical database of linked individuals.
  2. A detailed and concise study of the Spanish and Mexican Land Grants.
    A study on the transition of some of the land grants into ranches and settlements.
  3. A detailed study of the towns and settlements in the proposed area.
    Of course there are some towns that have a lot of information available on them, and some that do not.
  4. Chronological data on some of the most historical towns/cities of the area.

Hopefully the end result of this work will be a published book. The content of this site will be extracted from a larger work. I set up this web site so that I could get establish contacts and aquire information from readers that share a common interest... Where do we come from?

Last Updated: August 30, 2002

This is a work in progress.

Please Email any suggestions, feedback etc to stnem_genealogy@hotmail.com.