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This list is actually more of a resource pool, than a true bibliography. Eventually it will evolve into a true bibliography. Also, there are still some details missing from this list, which I plan to add as time permits. Wherever you see a reference number by a paragraph, it refers to this list and the corresponding page number. 

This list is now in alphabetical order.

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bullet65 years in the Rio Grande Valley [190] Wood, David Gregg. s.n., 196-?].
bulletA Shared Experience [68] Los Caminos del Rio Heritage Project and the Texas Historical Commission, 1991
bulletA Zapata County hero Gutierrez de Lara, Jose Bernardo Maximiliano, 1774-1841 [192] Fish, Robert W. [1987]
bulletA brief history of the lower Rio Grande valley, [160] Pierce, Frank Cushman, 185 George Banta publishing company, 1917.
bulletA calendar of the Stephen Powers and James B. Wells papers [150] Lusk, Wynema Magzeliea, 19 1938
bulletA cultural resource survey and assessment of the El Mesquite Southeast and O'Hern prospects : Duval and Webb [59] Ellis, W. Bruce Texas Archeological Research Laboratory, University of Texas at Austin, 1988.
bulletA guide to Roma historical medallion houses [92] Roma High School, 1976
bulletA historical and archeological investigation of Roma, Texas [94] O'Malley, Nancy Office of the State Archeologist, Texas Historical Commission, 1976.
bulletA history of Webb County [70] Murillo, Hermelinda Aguirr s.n., 1966].
bulletA history of irrigation in the Lower Rio Grande Valley [152] Matthews, William Kenneth 1938
bulletA nineteenth century history of Cameron County, Texas [199] Thompson, James Heaven, 19 J.H. Thompson, [1965]
bulletA preliminary index to the royal Spanish and Mexican land grants in Zapata County [74] Fish, Robert W Zapata County Historial Society, 1986.
bulletA preliminary study of Spanish land grants in Webb County [71] Salazar, Maria de Guadalup 1968
bulletA social history of Mexican Americans in nineteenth century Duval County [58] De Le¢n, Arnoldo s.n., 197-?]
bulletA trail to mañana [179] Stevenson, Daisy Glick. Dallas, Royal Pub. Co. [1958]
bulletAguayo expedition into Texas, 1721 [232] Peña, Juan Antonio de la Jenkins Pub. Co., 1981.
bulletAmerica hispanica [217] Nuevo Le¢n Archivo General [Monterrey, Mexico] : Ediciones Al Voleo de Monterrey ; Ciudad de M‚xico : Editorial Libros de M‚xico, 1980-
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bulletAn early history of Cameron County [201] Pipkin, Maurice S. 1940
bulletAn economic history of the Rio Grande Valley sugar cane industry [163] Ratkin, Gary Alan 1963.
bulletAn underwater archeological magnetometer survey and site test excavation project off Padre Island, Texas [62] Arnold, J. Barto Texas Antiquities Committee, 1976.
bulletAppellidos de Nuevo Leon, Coah, Tamps y Texas [108] Rodolfo Gonzalez Rodolfo Gonzalez de la Garza (Private)
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bulletArchaeological testing at Fort McIntosh [81] Fox, Daniel E Center for Archaeological Research, University of Texas at San Antonio, 1979.
bulletArchaeology of the brasada : a cultural resources assessment of the Chevron Resources Company properties in [56] McGraw, A. Joachim Center for Archaeological Research, University of Texas at San Antonio, 1987.
bulletArcheological investigations at San Agustin Catholic Church in Laredo, Webb County, Texas [90] Warren, James E J.E. Warren, [1991]
bulletAvailability of the counties of Cameron & Hidalgo [134] Dougherty, Edward Sentinel Book and Job Printing Office, 1869.
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bulletCamargo church baptism records 1764-1864 [227] SAGA [Corpus Christi, Tex.] : SAGA, c1989.
bulletCamargo church death records, 1764-1864 [228] SAGA [Corpus Christi, Tex.] : SAGA, c1989.
bulletCamargo church marriage records, 1764-1876 [229] SAGA [Corpus Christi, Tex.] : SAGA, c1989.
bulletCaptain Enrique Villarreal and Rincon del Oso land grant [212] Garcia, Clotilde P. C.P. Garcia, 1986.
bulletCat logo y sintesis de los protocolos del Archivo Municipal de Monterrey [2] Cavazos Garza, Israel Monterrey, 1966-
bulletCaverns of Oblivion [117] Carl Duiane [1971]
bulletCedulario autobiografico de pobladores y conquistadores de Nuevo Leon [34] Cavazos Garza, Israel Centro de Estudios Humanísticos de la Universidad de Nuevo Léon, 1964.
bulletCerralvo church baptism records, 1761-1859 [223] SAGA [Corpus Christi, Tex.] : SAGA, c1989.
bulletCerralvo church death records, 1761-1880 [224] SAGA [Corpus Christi, Tex.] : SAGA, c1989.
bulletCerralvo church marriage records, 1761-1880 [225] SAGA [Corpus Christi, Tex.] : SAGA, c1989.
bulletCertain aspects of the political history of Starr County, Texas [196] Newton, Milton B. 1964
bulletCorona f£nebre : dedicada a honrar la amada memoria del Hon. Manuel Guerra [128] Kingsville, Tex. : El Popular, 1915
bulletCortes, The life of the Conqueror, By his Secretary Francisco Lopez de Gomara [230] Translated by Lesley Byrd University of California Press, 1964.
bulletCronicas historicas / Jose P. Saldaña [49] Saldaña, Jose P [Editorial Alfonso Reyes], (1972-1989)
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bulletDiccionario biogr fico de Nuevo Leon [22] Cavazos Garza, Israel Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, 1984.
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bulletEarly Visions of the Lower Rio Grande [168] Santos, Richard G Richard G. Santos, 1983 Munguia Printers.)
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bulletEl Horcon : United States territory south of the Rio Grande [159] Phelps, Stephen Jay c1983
bulletEl Señor de la Expiracion del pueblo de Guadalupe [102] Cavazos Garza, Israel 1973
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bulletEl muy ilustre ayuntamiento de Monterrey desde 1596 [46] Cavazos Garza, Israel [s.n.], 1980 Editorial R. Covarrubias)
bulletEpigrafia de Revilla y Ciudad Guerrero / por Manuel Ignacio Salinas Dominguez. [51] Salinas Dominguez, Manuel Sociedad Histórica de Nuevo Laredo, 1977.
bulletEpistolario Zaragoza-Vidaurri, 1855-1859 [27] Zaragoza, Ignacio [Sociedad Mexicana de Geografía y Estadística, Sección de Historia] 1962.
bulletEstablishing Austin's colony; the first book printed in Texas, with the laws, orders and contracts of coloni [101] Austin, Stephen F Pemberton Press, 1970.
bulletEstampas antiguas de Monterrey [44] Saldaña, Jose P Gobierno del Estado de Nuevo León, 1981
bulletFalcon Dam and the lost towns of Zapata [104] Byfield, Patsy Jeanne Texas Memorial Museum [pref. 1966]
bulletFamily tree book : (the Seabury papers) [234] Seabury, Francis William New Santander Press, 1995
bulletFirst book of Mier marriages 1767-1805 [11] Cavazos Garza, Israel Austin, Tex. : M. Magali Gonz lez, c1988.
bulletFollowing the drum; a glimpse of frontier life [183] Viel‚, Teresa Griffin Steck-Vaughn Co. [1968]
bulletFour generations of Velas [118] Ramirez, Alfonso R. Edinburg, Tex. : New Santander Press, c1986.
bulletFundacion de San Esteban de la Nueva Tlaxcala [53] Guerra Escand¢n, Javier Edición "Nueva Imagen", 1976.
bulletFundacion de pueblos en Nuevo Leon [100] Elizondo Elizondo, Ricardo Archivo General del Estado de Nuevo León, 1985
bulletGift of the Rio : story of Texas tropical borderland [138] Various Border Kingdom Press, 1975
bulletGold in the Gulf [122] Blackwell, Thomas Michael c1978
bulletGreat river: the Rio Grande in North American history [141] Horgan, Paul, 1903- Rinehart, 1954.
bulletGringo builders [121] James Lewellyn Priv. print., 1931.
bulletGuerrero church marriage records, 1753-1815 [7] SAGA [Corpus Christi, Tex.] : SAGA, c1989.
bulletGuerrero viejo : a photographic essay / by Lori Brown McVey. [43] McVey, Lori Brown. Nuevo Santander Museum Complex, 1988, c1986.
bulletGuide to Spanish and Mexican land grants in south Texas. [55] Todd, William N Texas General Land Office, 1988
bulletHaciendas and livestock in the New Kingdom of Leon, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries [26] Cavazos Garza, Israel Institute of Latin American Studies, University of Texas at Austin, [1989]
bulletHidalgo County ranch histories [203] Hidalgo County Historical Society and Hidalgo County Historical Commission, 1994.
bulletHidalgo County's railroads [120] James Lewellyn s.n., 1958?]
bulletHistoria de Monterrey / Andres Montemayor Hernandez [48] Montemayor Hern ndez, Andr Asociación de Editores y Libreros de Monterrey 1971
bulletHistoria de Nuevo Leon, con noticias sobre Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Texas y Nuevo Mexico / escrita en el siglo [37] Le¢n, Alonso de, ca. 1610- Gobierno del Estado de Nuevo León, Centro de Estudios Humanísticos de la Unversidad de Nuevo León, 1961
bulletHistoria de la ciudad de Saltillo [52] Cu‚llar Vald‚s, Pablo M Cuéllar Valdés, 1975.
bulletHistoria, Geografia y Estadistica Del Estado de Tamaulipas [221] Alejandro Prieto
bulletHistorical archeology at Fort McIntosh (41WB11) in Laredo [79] Warren, James E J.E. Warren, [1989]
bulletHistorical heritage of the lower Rio Grande; a historical record of Spanish exploration, subjugation and col [169] Scott, Florence Johnson. The Naylor company, [c1937,]
bulletHistory of Hidalgo County [206] Norris, W. Clyde 1942
bulletHistory of Hidalgo County, 1749-1852 [208] Scott, Oran Randolph 1934
bulletHistory of Mexico: The Works of Bancroft Vol II (1521-1600) [233] Hubert Howe Bancroft
bulletHistory of Mexico: The Works of Bancroft Vol II (1600-1803) [231] Hubert Howe Bancroft
bulletHistory of the Texas Highway Department in Hidalgo County, 1922 to 1968 [209] Snyder, James F., d. 1979 State Department of Highways and Public Transportation, [1988]
bulletIn the shade of Los Ebanos : a survey of Ebony Grove Cemetery [204] Mercedes Texas Sesquicentennial Committee, 1986.
bulletIndece de propetarios originales con la pagina y numero de reclamacion = index of the original proprietors [96] Garza, Leonel. s.n., 1980?]
bulletIndex to Spanish and Mexican land grants [98] Taylor, Virginia H. General Land Office, 1976
bulletIndex to the Marriage Investigations of the Diocese of Guadalajara, Provinces of Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Nuevo Santander, Texas [235]
bulletIndice geobiografico de m s de 56 mil pobladores de la [215] Boyd-Bowman, Peter Mexico : Fondo de Cultura Economica, 1985-
bulletIndice historico español [216] Editorial Teide. v. 1 Editorial Teide. v. 1
bulletJose de Escandon : colonizer of Nuevo Santander [157] Miller, Hubert J New Santander Press, c1980
bulletJose de Escandon and the founding of Nuevo Santander, a study in Spanish colonization [111] Lawrence Francis Hill The Ohio state university press [1926]
bulletLa Antigua Revilla en la leyenda de los tiempos : reseña historica y geografica / escrita y compilada por Lo [50] Garza, Lorenzo de la. Editorial Quiroga, 1952
bulletLa ciudad metropolitana de Nuestra Señora de Monterrey, CCCL aniversario de su fundacion, 1596 [47] P‚rez-Maldonado, Carlos Impresora Monterrey, s. a., 1946]
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bulletLaredo, Antonio Zapata & the Republic of the Rio Grande [193] Border Studies Publishing, 1990.
bulletLaredo, Antonio Zapata & the Republic of the Rio Grande [87] Stan Green Border Studies Publishing, 1990
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