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These lineages are samples from the Genealogical Database. Due to space limitations, I have limited the number of generations on some of these lineages.

bulletJose Bernardo Gutierrez-de-Lara (1774-1841)
Mexican revolutionary and diplomat, Constitutional Governor of Tamaulipas in 1823, Texas (Mexican), Hero in war with Spain for independance During the Mexican War of Independence,led by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, Gutiérrez and his brother were successful in fomenting revolution in Nuevo Santander, and Gutiérrez was sent by Hidalgo to recruit along the Rio Grande. There is a biography on Jose Bernardo Gutierrez on the Handbook of Texas Online website.
bulletMarcos Alonzo de La Garza (c1550-????)
Originator of surnames, de la Garza, Garza, Treviño in Northern Mexico
Marcos Alonzo Garza is the forefather of many that carry the last names of Garza, de la Garza, Falcon and Treviño. It is believed he came from a Jewish family and therefore his original surname of Alonzo was dropped by his children and descendants.
bulletAlonso de Estrada (1470-1530)
Natural son of Ferdinand the Catholic King
was a treasurer from Ciudad Real who arrived in Mexico City in 1524 and served with Cortez. He was the reputed son (natural) of Ferdinand the Catholic. When he arrived in Mexico he boasted of royal blood and demanded a high rank among Cortez’s new government..
bulletJuan Bautista Chapa (1627-1695)
Known as the anonymous chronicler
Originator of Chapa surname in Northern Mexico

He accompanied Alonso de Leon on his expeditions to Texas as an official scribe. He also served as his personal secretary for many years. The Chapa surname came from Schiapapria, an Italian surname which he changed when he arrived in Mexico City sometime around 1650.
bulletJuan Cavazos Del-Campo (c1605-1683)
Originator of Surname Cavazos in Northern Mexico.
His descendants married into several prominent families of Nuevo Leon including De-La-Garza, Flores, Guerra, Balli and others. This lineage is quite extensive and demonstrates how many of these families intermarried. In it you will find other prominent people who themselves could also be sample lineage like this one.
bulletVicente Guerra-Cañamar (1705-1753)
Founder of Revilla (Old Guerrero), Tamaulipas, Mexico
Although Vicente died in 1753, his descendants went on to become prominent land owners of the area. His brothers and sisters were all early residents of Revilla. His sister Maria Josefa was the recipient of Porcion 19 in the Guerrero.jusrisdiction.
bulletAlonso De Leon (1605-c1672)
Explorer, Captain, Early Settler
Alonso was also known as the founder of Cadereita, Nuevo Leon. Not to be confused with his son by the same name, who was even better known as an early explorer of Texas in the late 1600's and a Military General. Alonso's personal secretary was also well known as the anonymous chronicler Juan Bautista Chapa.
bulletTomas Sanchez (1709-1796)
Founder of Laredo, Texas
Tomas was born about 1709 in Nuevo Leon. His father also named Tomas served with General Alonso de Leon on his second expedition to Texas. Originally Capitan Sanchez was to establish a settlement near the Nueces river, but found the area inhospitable and decided on the site near Paso de Jacinto about a mile upriver from present-day Laredo.
bulletPadre Jose Nicolas Balli (c1772-1829)
Orignal owner of Padre Island, Texas
Nicolas Balli is known as the "Padre" in Padre Island. He and his nephew inherited Padre Island from his father Jose Maria who had aquired the grant in 1790 from the Spanish Government. It was later confirmed by the Mexican Government in 1829. Nicolas's mother Rosa Maria Hinojosa and other relatives went on to become the largest land owners in Hidalgo and Cameron counties. Nicolas and his nephew Juan Jose operated a cattle ranch on the Island named Santa Cruz and supposedely had as much as 20,000 head of cattle. Most or all of the cattle were killed by a hurricane and the ranch was never again resettled.
bulletDiego de Montemayor (c1544-c1611)
Founder of Monterrey, first governor of Nuevo Leon
Diego was born in Malaga Spain. Diego's descendents went on to intermarry with other prominent families of Monterrey such as De-La-Garza and Treviño and obviously he was the originator of this surname in Northern Mexico. To this day, four hundred years after Monterrey's founding in 1596, the surname Montemayor is still quite common in that city.
bulletAlberto Del Canto (c1547-c1611)
Founder of Saltillo, Coahuila
Alberto's history is also tied in with the early history of Nuevo Leon. He married Diego de Montemayor's daughter Estefana who was born about 1566 in Mexico City. There was some kind of confict between Alberto and Diego and as a consequence Estefana no longer lived with Alberto. Their children all took on the Montemayor surname.
bullet Jose Narciso Cavazos (c1750-1802)
Grantee of Largest land Grant "El Agostadero San Juan de Carricitos" over 500,000 acres located in Willacy, Cameron counties.

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