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Notable People in Texas and Mexican History

Last Update: 28 Oct 1996

South Texas History

Brooks, J.A.
Captain in the Texas Rangers, Brooks county named in his honor. 106-173
Cameron, Ewen
Member of the Mier Expedition of 1842. Cameron County named in his honor. 107-
Closner, John (1861-1932)
Became deputy sheriff of Hidalgo County in December 1883 and by 1889 became sheriff a position he held till 1912. 107-
Couch, E.C.
Developed Edcouch in 1926. He was a judge of Hidalgo County and a Weslaco banker. 107-143
Davis, Henry Clay
Responsible for guiding Rio Grande City to prominence.Settlement known as Canestolendas already existed in the area. Married into the wealthy Garza family which owned Porcion 80. Arrived Texas in 1833. 107-49
Hill, Lon C.
Founder of Harlingen. Named it so after his mother's home town of Van Harlingen in Holland.
Hooks McClellen, Beatriz
Raymond, Edward Burleson
Owner of Las Majadas and foreman of the El Sauz Ranch. Raymondville named in his honor. 107-143
Ringgold, Samuel Maj.
Killed at the battle of Palo Alto in 1846. Fort Ringgold named in his honor. 107-40
Robertson, Col. Sam
Founder of San Benito, was an engineer who was involved in the building of the first railroad into the Valley and created an irrigation system that serves 68,000 acres. 106-157
Savage, R.L.
San Juan's first mayor and postmaster. A nephew of John Closner 107-112
Starr, James Herbert
Prominent physician. Named president of board of land commissioners by Sam Houston in 1837. Starr County named in his honor. 107-49
Webb, James
prominent attorney, served Republic of Texas as senator, secretary of treasury, secretary of state, minister to Mexico. Webb County named in his honor. 107-49
Wells, James
Well known Brownsville lawyer. Jim Wells county named in his honor. 106-173
Willacy, John G
Willacy county named in honor of this member of the Texas Legislature


Spanish/Mexican History

Escandon, Jose de
Chief colonizer of Nuevo Santander.
De Leon, General Alonso
Governor of Coahuila. He made several expeditions to the north and the Texas area.
De Soto, Hernando
Carbajal y Cueva, Luis de
Founder of Nuevo Leon. Carbajal was a Portuguese Jew and native of the Town of Mogodorio in Portugal. He was the son of Gaspar de Carbajal and married Guiomar de Rivera a native of Lisbon and daughter of Miguel Nuñez and Blanca Rodriguez. His paternal grandparents were Gutierre Vazquez de la Cueva and Francisca de Carbajal. His maternal grandparents were Antonio de Leon and Francisca Nuñez also natives of Mogodorio.
Garay, Francisco de
Gutierrez de Lara, Col. Bernardo
Hidalgo, Miguel (Priest)
Leader of the revolt in 1810 which won Mexico it's independence from Spain.
Montemayor, Miguel de
First governor of Nuevo Leon. Alcalde of Monterrey
Palafox, Juan
Juan de Palafox y Mendoza was born in Fitero, Navarre on June 24, 1600. He was the son of Jaime de Palafox y Mendoza, Marques de Ariza. 231-99 He served as the bishop of Puebla and visitador general. He arrived in Mexico with Viceroy Escalona in June, 1640. 231-98
Narváez, Pánfilo de
General and Lieutenant Governor of Yucatan
Velázquez, Diego
Liutentant Governor of Cuba 230-192
Zavala, Martin De
Governor of Nuevo Leon. He was the natural son of General Agustin de Zavala, a miner from Zacatecas. 117-156

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